At Urbane, we empower new futures. We aren’t restricted by what is, but instead like to consider what could be. This kind of thinking is why we’re able to bring unmatched energy, integrity and innovation like URBANE LIVE to your property journey.

Live Auction for Buyers

Real time

From your supported computer, tablet, or mobile, you will experience the auctioneer and the action of the auction and compete with the on site bidders by placing your bid to the auctioneer at the site in real time.

Easy process

Guest accounts are free and allow you to view live auctions. Buyer accounts enable you to bid.

Live Showcase for Sellers

No limits

URBANE LIVE gives others instant access to your property auctions from anywhere in the world with a high-speed internet connection.

Wider reach

Showcase your home at it’s fullest potential, to an even greater amount of people online. Missing the open day, doesn’t mean missing out, thanks to URBANE LIVE.

Steps to bid in an Urbane Live Online Auction
  1. Go to and go to the menu and click Buying > Live Online Auctions.
  2. Complete the bidding registration form. You will be required to provide a copy of your photo identification (Drivers Licence, Passport or other along with agreement to the auction terms and conditions).
  3. The Urbane Live Online Auctions team will email your login details on the day of auction along with any other instructions.
  4. When you login from your phone or tablet, you will be prompted to install the AuctionEar app.
  5. AuctionEar is a helper app and it will open automatically to provide audio and video when you login to the live auction.
Click below for a list of our upcoming live auctions:
Upcoming live auctions

By bidding in a Urbane’s auction you agree to be bound by the Conditions of Sale and the Warning Notices.