Real Estate Trends to Watch in 2018

by Urbane Property

The future of house hunting has landed –at least it has in the real estate mecca of Sydney’s inner-west. Our progressive patch is shaping up to be the litmus test for new technologies and fresh mindsets set to revolutionise real estate. Here’s our scoop on the top four trends to watch.


Virtual tours are becoming better than the real thing, with apps enabling house hunters to adjust colour schemes and digitally add their own furniture to floorplans. If that lolly-pink kitchen isn’t your thing, find out how it would look with a splash of paint. We already have a selection of these tools on our website, helping our buyers to virtually place themselves in their future home and really experience how that feels.  Watch this space, as the quality and interactivity of real estate apps is evolving rapidly.


The tiny house movement is gaining momentum globally, promoting the virtues of compact living fueled by clever design. While square meterage will always be real estate gold in the densely populated inner-west, good design can have a significant impact on spatial shortcomings. A brilliant renovation that uses space well can overcome a small block of land, particularly when it’s designed with the local demographic in mind.


Farewell auction paddle, hello real-time bidding apps.  Live auction apps now enable buyers to participate in live-streamed auctions via their device from anywhere in the world. Even on-site bidders may prefer to use this method, taking auction-day poker face to a whole new level. For curious neighbours, or people who are watching the market, it’s an easy way to keep abreast of price trends. The concept has already gained considerable interest among our inner-west community. In close-knit villages like Newtown, there are times when you may be bidding against friends, or with people you know watching the auction – this way, you can be more discrete.


Sustainability is moving up on buyers’ checklists, particularly in forward-thinking, environmentally aware neighbourhoods like ours. Inner-west home buyers are particularly drawn to passive heating and cooling, while for tenants, any features which reduce outgoings on utilities are a drawcard.

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