Innovate – don’t renovate

by Urbane Property

Five tricks to boost the appeal of your home without a major overhaul

If you don’t have the time, budget or motivation to commit to an all-out renovation before selling your property, making some simple changes can have a significant impact on the result. In as little as a few hours over the weekend, you could improve your home’s appeal and add thousands to your selling price.

Just repainting your front door can have a massive impact on your home’s street appeal.

Tip 1: Paint selectively

Unless your paint is peeling or in a hideous hue, some minor touch-ups could be just as effective as a complete re-paint. Doors and architraves tend to show wear and tear the most, and are a part of the home that buyers will get up close to during inspections. Touch them up with a splash of crisp white for a quick and easy refresh, and you’ll draw the focus away from your unpainted walls. This trick works equally well outside. If painting the entire façade isn’t an option, just paint your front door and fence for an instant facelift.

Tip 2: Save your soul

Property styling is prolific in Sydney, and for buyers, inspecting properties with the same neutral décor can become monotonous. While buyers probably won’t be impressed by your full collection of royal wedding memorabilia, a curated display of personal touches can help your property stand out from the mass of generic styled properties. Quirky homewares can be reduced, rather than removed entirely, and the same goes for family photographs.

A clever use of furniture and rugs can improve your home’s flow and define its spaces.

Tip 3: Fix the flow

Without knocking down walls, there are simple ways to improve the flow of your home. If doors open awkwardly or block key features of a room, grab a drill and some putty and switch the hinges to the opposite side. Remove and store pieces of furniture that get in the way when you walk around, and use rugs to define different zones, such as dining, lounging and work spaces.

Tip 4: Kitchens and bathroom refresh

Paint can hide a multitude of sins in your kitchen and bathroom, whether it’s garish cupboards or outdated tiles. If the carcass of your kitchen is solid, but the doors leave something to be desired, look for off-the-shelf replacements that match your measurements. Alternatively, unscrew and send them away for a polyurethane spray, which is usually charged per square meter, and add new handles. If your bathroom is looking tired, painting the tiles, having them re-grouted, or simply acid washing the grout to remove stains, can make it appear brand new.

Introduce house plants to soften and enliven your interior.

Tip 5: Embrace nature

Greenery helps to soften and enliven a space, and while fresh flowers for every open house can get expensive, houseplants have the same impact, and appear less staged. Outside, pulling out weeds, trimming back overgrown plants and adding fresh mulch can be all it takes to summon a landscaped feel. Wash your windows to make the most of your outlook, and spare a thought for your window dressings. A simple rod and light curtain is a quick fix for dated blinds.

Tina Nikos.

Our in-house stylist and colour consultant, Tina Nikos, provides a complementary consultation to all our vendors, sharing innovative ideas on how to best present your home for sale. Contact us to find out more about our unique and creative approach to property sales.

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