Return of the Artisan

by Urbane Property

Creativity thrives in the inner west, with a burgeoning community of businesses bringing fresh passion and creativity to traditional crafts.

Alongside the inner west’s future-forward startups and innovators is a thriving artisan movement that embraces the art forms of yesteryear. Their work taps into a growing desire to connect with the story behind the products we consume, and celebrates a wholesome alternative to mass-production. Here are five of our favourites:


A means of preserving food that goes back long before refrigeration, pickling gains some serious foodie cred at Cornersmith, Marrickville. The picklery and café barters for backyard produce with locals, who in turn might pick up a free jar of pickles or coffee. They also run culinary workshops, helping to preserve the art of pickling, pasta making, sausage making and more.

441 Illawarra Road, Marrickville

Button specialist

Push the button-shaped door handle into All Buttons Great and Small to discover a colourful tribute to the humble garment fastener. Walls are lined in an evolving kaleidoscope of buttons in every conceivable hue, shape and size, while a selection of vintage and bejeweled buttons takes pride of place in a display cabinet. If you are revamping a pre-loved outfit from one of the ethical clothing stores in Newtown, you can find the perfect button to suit. The store provides buttons to theatre wardrobes, designers and hobby sewers across Australia, and those who don’t find what they want among the 13,000-plus options can have one made from their own scrap of fabric.

419 A King Street, Newtown


With its royal blue frontage, timber fitout and vintage shoemaking tools, Newtown’s Baxter & Black is a journey back in time, guided by artisan cobbler Nathan Baxter. Bucking the trend towards disposable fashion, Nathan and his trainees pay homage to one of the world’s oldest professions, painstakingly repairing their customers’ favourite footwear by hand.

20 Enmore Road, Newtown


Most people’s connection to handmade pottery is probably limited to watching Demi Moore spin her wheel in Ghost. But just as the cult 90s film will never go out of date, so too for pottery as an art form in the inner west.  Sydney Clay Studio, St Peters hires out its tools and equipment to professional potters and ceramic artists, and runs workshops to inspire the next generation of potters.

3A 1-7 Unwins Bridge Road, St Peters


The inner west is home to so many craft breweries that it now has its own association. The Inner West Brewery Association unites a spirited crew of local brewers who have declared their patch of Sydney to be the craft beer capital of Australia.  From the laid-back beach shack vibe of Willie the Boatman in St Peters, to local craft beer pioneer, Young Henrys in Newtown, beer-lovers can upgrade their pub crawl to a self-guided walking tour of the area’s breweries, and drink straight from the source.

At Urbane Property, we’re inspired by our area’s creativity. Talk to us about living in our neighbourhood!

If you wanted to explore some other local businesses, you might like this article on Ethical Shopping.

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