Innovating in the inner west

by Urbane Property

We already know that the inner west is a wonderful place to live. Here are five local movers and shakers helping to make it even better.

There’s something about our patch of Sydney that inspires people to take a fresh approach. Whether it’s doing their bit to combat global warming, or giving refugees a helping hand, the inner west is fertile ground for community-minded and future-thinking innovators. These are some of our favourite initiatives.

Bread and Butter Project

Freshly baked bread is food for the soul – especially when the price of a crunchy loaf goes to people in need. In the industrial back streets of Marrickville, the Bread and Butter Project cooks up a recipe for all-round satisfaction, supplying wholesome, traditionally crafted bread to restaurants and grocers across Sydney, and directing all profits towards baker traineeships for refugees and asylum-seekers. Participants gain a skill to help launch their new lives, diners are fed, and so too is Sydney’s appetite for skilled bakers.

Michael Mobbs

Sustainability coach Michael Mobbs has proven that limited space is no barrier to being self-sufficient. Through innovative modifications and technology, Michael has taken hundreds of inner-city properties off the grid, including his own Camperdown home. The property is disconnected from mains water, the sewer and electricity, and Michael uses the home as a training ground for sustainable living. Watch this space, as Michael is preparing to put his property on the market and take on his next green challenge.

Maker Space & Co

As more Australian manufacturing gets shipped offshore, inner-west creatives are bucking the trend. Marrickville-based communal workshop, Maker Space & Co, is where some of these home-grown start-ups emerge, sharing everything from a blacksmith’s forge to pottery equipment and power tools. The small businesses success stories that have sprung up from the space is an encouraging sign. Beyond the lure of cheap, imported goods, Maker Space & Co shows there will always be a niche for items made with love and care.

Perfect Match

The inner west is a living gallery for some of the world’s best street artists, and often, their canvases are the walls and fences of privately owned properties. The Inner West Council’s Perfect Match project provides a handy link between artists and property owners. Owners can nominate their wall, artists submit their ideas, and ultimately the community benefits from less unwanted graffiti and more of the creative flair that puts the inner west on the map.

Rising Sun Workshop

The creative inner west is a hub for Sydney’s vintage motorcycle enthusiasts, but in an area where off-street parking is hard to come by, having space to tinker is a rare luxury. Faced with this dilemma, a trio of bike enthusiasts embarked on a crowdfunding campaign for a communal garage. What started as a pop-up has grown into the Rising Sun Workshop in Newtown. Here, members of the cafe racer crowd can book a bay to work on their latest two-wheeled project, trouble-shoot and bond over bowls of ramen. An example of collaborative consumption, the workshop shows how sharing resources can be a practical solution, and also a catalyst for close-knit communities.


At Urbane Property, we’re inspired by our innovative area, and are on our own journey towards empowering brighter futures for our clients and our community. Talk to us about living in our neighbourhood!

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