Why winter is actually a great time to sell your home

by Urbane Property

The real estate business is full of superstitions, and one of them is that the winter months aren’t a great time to sell. The cooler weather plays a big part in this, with the belief that as the nights draw in, people are keen to bunker down rather than get out there looking for a new home. Instead, everyone waits for those first green shoots to appear, then rushes to get their home on the market in time for Super Saturday in late September. But actually, as a vendor, there’s a lot to be said for a winter campaign. Here’s why.

There are fewer homes on the market

This has to be “A Good Thing” for a vendor. If a buyer has decided to make the inner west their home, and there are only a handful of properties for them to choose from, it will of course increase the odds of them choosing yours – and paying a higher price for it if necessary.

Buyers are more committed

Spring and summer auction campaigns bring out the onlookers – the could bes and the should bes. But if the market is quieter, those who are looking are doing so with a sense of purpose and that can lead to a faster sale. And if the weather (or anything else) puts you off attending an auction, with the Urbane live auction app, you don’t even have to go outside!

It’s what’s inside that counts

In summer it’s all about the kerb appeal, gardens in full bloom and neutral interiors. When the mercury drops, a buyer’s thoughts turn inwards and you can take advantage of this by ensuring your home looks as inviting as possible. In winter people look for warmth, so decorating with heavier fabrics and throw rugs, and using darker colours can up the cosiness factor. A property stylist will have all the ideas to make your home as appealing as possible.

Turn Vision into Value

Here at Urbane, we’d like to help out if you’re planning to sell your home during the cooler months. List your home before August to receive our Winter Bundle. It features a complimentary interactive home portfolio bundle designed to help buyers connect emotionally as they visualise themselves making your house their home. The Winter Bundle includes:

You can find out more about that here.


Did you know that Urbane has higher than average property page views and enquiries and lower than average sell times? Let’s talk about the best way to sell your home this winter.

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