How to secure your new home

by Urbane Property

What security should you have in your new home?

The right home security provides you and your family with peace of mind and allows you to live the type of lifestyle you want, at home and away. 

Unfortunately for many, home security is an afterthought:

  • It is only considered after a loss has occurred,
  • It is the last item ticked off when planning a renovation, or
  • It is only actioned after you have moved into your new home.

But as one of Australia’s leading security experts Daniel Lewkovitz, CEO of Calamity Monitoring says: “Good security is cheap early and expensive late”.

Here’s how to best ensure the security of your home and that of your family.


Security for a new home

Retrofitting security to an established home or even improving and updating an existing system does not have to be an expensive exercise.

But you do need to be proactive.

When you have purchased a new home, there is the likelihood hundreds of people could have passed through the premises in the past month or so. That can include interested buyers, sticky beaks, a myriad of tradespeople and also criminals looking for their next target.

“Criminals can case a joint far more easily when they have an invitation,” Mr Lewkovitz says.

“But people usually leave it to the last minute or even after they have moved in to think about security. They think about getting the gas and electricity put on but they don’t think about home security.”

Traditional keys should be a thing of the past.

Mr Lewkovitz strongly suggests getting your security system and alarm installed or updated before you move your belongings into your new home. He also suggests employing a quality locksmith to install a good keying system –  a restricted system – not one that uses keys that can be easily duplicated at your local shopping centre.

This could include keyless access, via a PIN or biometrically (eg through a fingerprint) or a combination of both, for even greater convenience and safety.


An inexpensive home security system

Between $1500 and $2000 can get you a good basic alarm system, according to Mr Lewkovitz, who was a security consultant to the Israeli Olympic team, during the 2000 Sydney Games.

Around $2000  to$3500 should get you a good basic camera system, with two to four cameras that allow surveillance of your house’s perimeter.

Ensure your installer has a valid security licence in your state. A lot of tradespeople claim they can install alarm and camera systems but they are not licensed to do so and that can cause insurance problems later on.

Also find out who is doing the monitoring of your home. It’s best to ensure the person or company installing the system is also doing the monitoring.

And ensure the monitoring centre has an ASIAL grading.

Modern home security systems allow for effective and reliable remote use.

The police can refuse to accept calls from non-certified monitoring centres and insurers can deny claims if a non-standards compliant system is in use.

“Any alarm system needs to be professionally monitored,” Mr Lewkovitz says.

“Failing that it just makes a lot of noise and most people ignore sirens. With older systems there were always false alarms and they were badly maintained. Today there are no false alarms and they offer more. For example, you can sleep with them on.”


Cutting edge home security

If you are renovating your home, or building a new home, it’s best to speak to a security expert in the design phase to allow for a more effective system.

The digital age offers so much more in terms of cutting edge, reliable security tailored especially for you, your family and your home.

Modern alarm systems aren’t reliant on a phone line or the NBN and they are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Old homes can be inexpensively retrofitted with state-of-the-art security systems.

Apps are available so you can remotely control your security system. That allows you to remotely open doors for parcel deliveries, or to let tradespeople in. You can also remotely view your security cameras to keep an eye on things at home, including the kids!

“It’s impossible to replace that peace of mind and comfort you have knowing you, your family and your home is safe,” Mr Lewkovitz says, “and all you need to do is to take practical, inexpensive measures.”

At Urbane, we’re motivated to connect and serve in uniquely valuable ways on your journey to find your ideal home and lifestyle. But more than that, we believe in empowering new futures – for our clients, our community, our agents and our industry.

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