creating Healthy,
Efficient, Comfortable
and Connected homes

Are you looking for a home with reduced running costs and which is healthy, efficient, comfortable and connected to your local community?  Well, you’re one of many people driving a future-focussed approach in real estate that is changing the way the value of a home is perceived.

The Liveability Real Estate Framework is a new initiative, backed by CSIRO, Australia’s peak scientific body, which enables simple and effective identification of the Liveability Features of a home. As a home owner, buyer or seller, knowing a home’s potential for reduced running costs, increased comfort and future impact is really valuable, and something we know many are looking for, particularly in our progressive inner west area.

This isn’t a rating system. It is a new, independent, listing standard which contains benchmarks for 17 individual property features, called The 17 Things™.


Do you have any of these Liveability Features in your home?

If so, that’s great! Not only are you saving costs but you’re contributing to a more liveable future for everyone. The good news for sellers is, your property may be eligible for the exclusive Liveablility Features icon and additional listing opportunities – Ask us how.

Climate zone for this property
Living locally
Density of building materials
Windows (glazing)
Shading or sun control
Efficient heating/cooling devices
Energy efficient lighting
Efficient hot water system
Solar photovoltaic (PV) system
Low water garden
Water efficiency devices
Rainwater tanks
Energy Rating

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Liveability real estate specialists

At Urbane, we believe in creating better futures for our clients, and our community. We recognise that a big part of planning for the future is making small changes today that will help forge a path to a better tomorrow.

That’s why we’ve taken the steps to ensure that members of our team are trained Liveability Real Estate Specialists. As one of only a handful of agencies with this qualification, we are able to identify and highlight up to 17 Liveability Features in your property that could offer potential buyers the opportunity for reduced running costs and increased comfort if used correctly. More importantly, through the Liveability Real Estate Framework, we’re able to help home owners understand why and how to take steps towards a more liveable future.

Contact our team and request your free Liveability appraisal for your home or investment property.

The Liveability Property Feature trademark

The Liveability Features trademark is not an energy rating. It is simply a way to assist prospective buyers, sellers and renters to recognise properties which have features that offer the potential for reduced running costs and increased comfort if used correctly by the occupant.

A property needs a minimum of six selected Liveability Features™ to receive the Liveability Property Features trademark on a rental or sales listing.

Once you have bought or leased your home you can find out more information about how to bring these features to life when living in your home on