Cameron Hughes


mobile: 0400 339 280

Liveability Specialist Request appraisal

I first moved here from Wollongong back in 2000 to a place in Petersham. My first walk along King St I remember walking past one of my favourite musicians and feeling struck by a certain magic in the air. That feeling has never left me and if it weren’t for the Inner West I’d probably be in Melbourne years ago – or New Orleans! The cultural vibrancy and humanity of this area is utterly compelling. It’s the only place to be in Sydney.

My dad had his own Real Estate agency for twenty years, and because of him I have an innate respect for hard work and tenacity. People are too savvy to tolerate incompetence anymore and agents must seek to provide meaningful service or they will fall by the wayside. The clients best interests and our best interests are ultimately one in the same, and that’s never been so true as it is now and into the future. The customer focus at Urbane is paramount, and that’s what makes us different.

Human connections are what fascinate me about real estate. Connecting with buyers and vendors, lending an ear and talking things through with them in what is such a pivotal choice in their lives is a privilege that is not lost on me. Relationships are a fundamental rule of nature, and to shoulder the responsibility to act in my clients best interests and nurture them through the sale process, makes me a better human being.

Along with our team of agents at Urbane, I’m proud to be one of only a handful of Liveability Real Estate Specialists in the Inner West. This qualification authorises me to appraise many Liveability Features of your property that could offer potential buyers the benefits of reduced running costs and increased comfort.

I look forward to connecting.